Jul 16, 2007

Service Firms Focus on Customer Value - From Distribution

We're often asked whether Service firms have as much opportunity to differentitate in the Distribution arena. Our experience suggest that more and more evidence is emerging that not only is there an opportunity to better leverage Distribution moves in Services businesses, but it's a Marketing area offering significant opportunity to boost top line and profit results.

A recent Wall Street Journal article provides some excellent insights about how some smaller service firms are using Distribution to create advantages in their marketplace. See excerpts:

A Memphis Presence Gives Small Firms Logistical Advantage
Proximity to FedEx HubOffers More Flexibility,Time to Process Orders
By RAYMUND FLANDEZJuly 10, 2007; Page B7

What's New: More small companies are setting up a presence in Memphis, Tenn., to be closer to FedEx's overnight cargo facility.

The Benefits: A later deadline for pickups allows for a greater amount of time and flexibility to process orders and deliveries.

The Upshot: The proximity gives businesses a competitive edge and provides an opportunity to market the logistical efficiency to potential clients.

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