Jul 10, 2014

CSA Distribution Audits Fueling Growth

Comparing the distribution channel pressures of today with those of even ten years ago reveals a striking decline of distinctive marketplace differentiation. These changes represent a significant opportunity for companies that regularly re-assess whether they are doing everything they can to guide, manage and motivate their channel partners to achieve new levels of growth and profitability.
·   How are end-customer channel needs in your marketplace evolving and how do they create barriers to you and your distribution partners achieving your growth objectives?
·   What gaps exist between your channel partners’ current business models and the economics of emerging customer channel needs in your fast-changing industry?
·   How motivated and prepared are your channel partners to respond effectively and efficiently to industry and competitive performance pressures in their local markets?
·   Are your channel management and incentive programs as aligned as they need to be with the demands your channel partners are facing in today’s fast-changing markets?
Approach. The CSA Channel Opportunity Audit is an independent and systematic diagnosis of your company’s distribution channel opportunities and threats, and is composed of four key elements of diagnosis:

Our Channel Opportunity Audit approach has been used successfully with hundreds of companies over the past twenty five years and focuses on one dominant goal:
Surface tangible ways to work with channel partners to differentiate your products and services with end-customers and accelerate market share growth.

Process. The CSA Channel Opportunity Audit is typically executed in four to five weeks of elapsed time in your marketplace, and proceeds systematically through a series of detailed assessment and analysis steps:

Step 1:  Internal Management Interviews. A highly-seasoned distribution channel expert from CSA will interview senior thought leaders and line managers within your organization to surface critical insights and beliefs about current distribution channel opportunities and threats.

Step 2:  External Market Discussions. CSA will conduct one-on-one working discussions with end-customers and distribution channels in your marketplace to surface their insights and observations about how changing industry and customer dynamics are affecting their current business models and economics.

Step 3:   Synthesis and Diagnosis. A Channel Opportunity Audit report will be provided to you that outlines how your company is positioned to address pressing channel threats and opportunities.

Step 4:     Private Facilitated Workshop. You and your senior leadership colleagues will receive an advance briefing packet and participate in an executive-level Channel Opportunity offsite facilitated by management advisor and educator Richard E. Wilson, a global expert on distribution channel strategy, execution and management.

Benefits. The CSA Channel Opportunity Audit is specifically designed to be a fast-paced and efficient way for you to build stronger readiness for action with your distribution system.

Richard E. Wilson is managing director of the advisory firm Chicago Strategy Associates, and a former clinical professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management and Director of the school’s Center for Global Marketing Practice. rick@chicagostrategy.com

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