Mar 30, 2008

Competitiveness and Intellectual Accounts

A recent Op/Ed piece argues that our competitiveness as a nation in coming decades will be determined not only by our financial accounts but also by our intellectual accounts. That same prediction is being made about a less lofty realm as well - at the level of global go-to-market and supply systems.

Power bases are shifting - to expertise, which will always trump its weaker cousins coercion and even reward. Expertise about opportunities to create incremental new value for all the players in these complex supply and distribution systems. From strategic conversations that provide insights directly - in the voice of the end customer.

When marketing channels are championed, or stewarded as Professor Kash Rangan describes, from an external perspective, an end customer perspective, surprising things happen. Customers see new value, and improved buying and decision alternatives. Intermediaries are winners, focused on creating tangible growth-oriented advisory and physical distribution value for both their customers and their vendors. And branded product and solution manufacturers operate on a strategic path of differentiation.

Differentiation in not only product dimensions, but total customer experience. The kind of customer experiences that build excitement and new options for end customers. The kind that grow a marketplace and increase the margin pool. The kind that optimally-structured marketing channel systems provide. Finally. Welcome to the 21st Century.

* * * *

Disclosure - But then I think this could finally be the Cubs' year. The team not only has talent and seasoning, the team has chemistry. And they think. Can they build momentum - from a .500 start?

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