Dec 11, 2007

Specialty Boutiques Gain Ground on Big Boxes

Circuit City has joined forces with Comcast for the launch of a new retail experiment called Connect at one of its stores in Massachusetts, reports Planet Retail. The format resembles a consumer electronics boutique, rather than a big box store.

Customers are able relax in seating areas around the store, drink coffee, watch local cable channels on large television screens, and work with consultants who help outfit their digital home with both hardware and content. The store will be the first of its kind, and Circuit City and Comcast plan to use the store as a test, trying out new ideas and gauging its success before making a decision about whether to open similar stores in other cities.

Our prediction: Much, much more of this to come...U.S. retail channels are on a march back to exciting consumer experiences and away from bland (insulting?) 'big box' discounters.

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